Download Not Appearing On Computer

I bought Cubase Elements 10 from the steinberg store, got an activation code (which I’ve yet to find a place to put,) downloaded the download assistant, and set the download of Cubase Elements to c:\Program Files (x86). The status on the download assistant says fully downloaded, but when I click “Open” it sends me to the documents tab of my computer files. Looking in c:\Program Files (x86) shows only the download assistant, and looking in downloads shows only a folder named “Steinberg” with an empty folder inside named “WIN64”, though this might be residue from the first download I immdeiately paused and deleted (all using the download assistant) when I realized it would be downloading the folder to my computer’s download tab. I don’t know if there was a problem with the download or if the files are hidden somewhere, and if there’s already an answer to this problem I wasn’t able to find it with surface level googling and forum browsing. So, any ideas or solutions would be wonderful, thanks.