Download of Cubase Elements Trial

I am finding it impossible to download this - gets to 0.6Gb out of 2,6Gb and seems to think it is complete but the zip file is corrupted. Tried it on multiple browsers but no different.

Anyone elese had this problem - any alternate links to download or work rounds ?

I have informed support but just on the off chance thought someone may know


Support have very quickly provided with me with another link which works so ignore the original post


Hopefully they can sort me out with an alternate link as I have exactly the same problem. I’m guessing you’re talking about the OS X installer?

It seems that the download is possible using the DownThemAll add-on for Firefox. So, it’s a workaround but I still don’t understand why it doesn’t work in other browsers.

can’t download it either, is there any other way to get it

I have been trying to download the elements 8 trial, but it stops at like a third, and when i click on the file it says file invalid.

I was probably gonna buy it after the trial, but if you can’t even download that, what if you can’t get it after you bought it?

I know it is just a hundred bucks so maybe they don’t care.

How do you expect people to buy it or the pro version if this doesn’t even work.

I emailed support and nothing, and now it’s the weekend so nobody will probably read this either

Same thing for me with Cubase AI 8.It stops at 1.16GB.That’s with chrome.
I tried explorer and it works fine.It did stop but because explorer has the pause/resume option I just resumed the download and it finished.

Thanks for the answer, but now it gets stuck at 70 %, at 30 it stops too, but i can hit resume and it keeps downloading but at 70 it just says it’s finished

I GOT IT, i finally got it to download, i used internet explorer and after the first time where it says download interrupted i hit resume and then waited until around 66% because it usually stopped at 70 % the next time but won’t let me resume, and i paused myself and then resumed and it kept going, i did the same every 10 % and it downloaded all the way.