Download of Dorico SE 4 and Dorico Elements 4 not possible in Steinberg Download Assistant

When trying to download either Dorico SE 4 orDorico Elements 4 it will always download Dorico Pro 4. Somenthing seems to be wrong with the download links. I have already registered a license for Dorico SE 4 in the new activation manager but it’s not possible to download the installation files in the download assistant.

Dorico Pro, Dorico Elements and Dorico SE all use the same installer, though the extra sound content is different for each one.

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When I start Dorico the splash screen for Dorico Pro pops up, then a message that I don’t have a license for Dorico Pro which is true. However, I’ve got a registered license for SE4 but somehow it won’t start the SE4 version, instead it starts the pro version.

Are you saying you have licences for both Dorico Pro 4 and Dorico SE? If you launch Steinberg Application Manager, what does it show you in the products listing?

No, I’ve only got the licnese for SE. But I have to correct myself: The popup says that I have no license for the Dorico 4 audio engine, sorry.

Could you zip up your log files and post them here? We need both the Dorico log and the Steinberg Licensing logs.

On Mac these will be in ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager and ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4.

On Windows these will be in %appdata%\Steinberg\Activation Manager and %appdata%\Steinberg\Dorico 4.

Dorico (14.0 KB)
Activation (55.3 KB)

We think this was due to an earlier problem with the SE licences in our database. It should be fixed now, so could you try this:

  • quit Dorico
  • launch Steinberg Activation Manager, and Sign Out
  • quit Steinberg Activation Manager
  • wait 10 seconds (to allow the background processes to quit)
  • restart Steinberg Activation Manager, and Sign In
  • restart Dorico

Okay, that solved the problem. However, I had to reboot my computer after signing out and quitting the Activation Manager. I could not restart the Activation Manager after having closed it. Everthing is okay now, thanks.

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