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hi guys. i’ve been struggling to get halion sonic anywhere. not 1,2,3 or 6. just halion sonic. i have recently lost mine while moving, but i still have the licence. i love that software man. Where can i find it pls guys.

Is this it?

Wouldn’t “just halion sonic” be “1”?

You are not, by chance, referring to Hypersonic? If not, the link MrSoundman provided should be what you are looking for.

I think halion sonic 1 is what came out with cubase 5. Thats not the one im looking for. Hypersonic was the predecessor of halion. I found one, but its only available for mac. But ill check out your link. Thank u sir.

Ah, okay. You must be thinking of HALionOne. If so, the “license” for it would be your Cubase license. It was never available to purchase alone, from what I recall. You can download the full installer ISO for Cubase 5.5 from the main Steinberg site …

Cubase 5 | Steinberg

Aha! In that case, there are seperate installers for HALionOne (you’ll need the 64-bit for current Cubase editions) here: HALionOne Overview

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