Download size 20+ GB C10 - C9 was 13, C8 was 10 - what is new here?

#1. Just wondered over what the increase in size is about?

#2. Wil download manager eventually have options to minimize download to what you really intend to install?

I looked yesterday, and seems the same as before, no finer selection tool.
I did not install the ara-thingy, though - is it there?

What it’s about for me is - will I download patch for Ubisoft Steep game, or buy Cubase 10 this month?
And I have pending 41 Gb for Quantum Break game as well, since a year back.

Thank you.


In minimum, there is “5 GB of high-quality sounds and loops from six highly acclaimed producers.”

Thank you, always helpful.

Just that I don’t lack content, it’s a pity it’s not divided into separate parts - or am I missing something?

Im afraid you can’t download only Cubase installer without the content. That would be nice, I agree.

In addition to the 5 GB mentioned above, also Groove Agent SE 5 brings “gigabytes of new sounds”.

Thank you.

Just bought StudioOne Professional 4.0 - and looking at installer, I’m already impressed.
200 MB download and it’s installed before you know it.
Then a dialog - if you want extra content - 27.5 GB . you can select custom install of that part.
And just check what content you want - if any.
And a checkbox to show content if the suggested part “minimum, full, recommended install” and such.

But I’m done really, in 30s I was - 200 MB download.
And minimum content 285 MB - and done - and this on content disk not occupying space on OS disk.
But chose also getting tutorials 1.8 GB.
I chose documentation offline - and that installed too - no need to be online.

License activated and ready is this was done - no sweat install, I must say.

I think this is how a “download manager” should work.

So will see how the rest goes. I certainly have the same headroom as with Cubase.