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I’ve read somewhere on another forum - it may have been v.i. control, that if you have a cubase product and and a steinberg key, that I can download and tryout dorico for about 4 hours use.

I’ve logged into my own steinberg account, and had a look around and can’t seem to find anything.

I’ve also been told that my opportunity to buy dorico at a crossgrade price [$418 Australian], will be that the cross-grade will be offered for 30 days, beginning by the 19th of October. So, does anybody know that will there possibly another time that this crossgrade offer will be given by Steinberg, or is this a once only offer to be given at the opening of the first version of Dorico.

I’ve got a car service due, payments, dentist treatment needed [just like everyone else has of course etc] , and I would really like the crossgrade price, but, I’m worrying I can’t make this financial outlay safely at the moment, and I’m hoping there may be another time when the crossgrade will be offered.

And if I could at least try it out, that would be great.

Thanks if anyone has any more info along these lines.


Steve :slight_smile:

Ok everyone, good news - I have found the details from a link on the vi control forum, and it links back to here, and posts by Daniel, so that’s great. I’ll look more at this tomorrow. I am in the morning here so time to go to bed!


The crossgrade price will be in place until the end of March 2017, and the 30-day trial will be available before the end of November 2016, so you will have plenty of time to try Dorico out and still take advantage of the crossgrade.

Hi Daniel,

thanks so much for the info. That’s great news.

Steve :slight_smile: