Download version Halion sonic upgrade

Hi there,

I own the retail version of Cubase 6 which included a trial version of Halion Sonic. As I also own Halion player which entitles me to upgrade it into halion Sonic (which it would be a good deal since I would just pay upgrade price) . The problem is that I really want to upgrade but I cant find an option to just buy a Key as I already have the DVDs and not download version is available. I do not need a boxed version or pay for shipping. All I need is a permanent key to activate my software.

Is there a way to buy just a key? or at least an email so i can contact customer support ? I tried to use my steingberg but everytime I try to create a support ticket the website sends me to a regional support address (which is yamaha in Australia) .I want to buy from steinberg’s website and not from the local dealer.WTF!

Any help would be very much appreciated,


Hi LuizPauli,

I am sorry but you will have to contact the local Australian distributor,
you can not order boxed versions (which the HALion Player to HALion Sonic Upgrade is) in the Steinberg Web shop from Australia.

Here is the contact data for Australia:

MI products & Nuendo:
Yamaha Music Australia Pty Ltd
Level 1, 99 Queensbridge Street
3006 Southbank
1300 739 390