Download VST Sound Sets after system reinstall


I’ve reinstalled a fresh Yosemite + Cubase 8 machine, and I can’t find in the My Steinberg section the download links for the additional products I’ve bought: Granular Symphonies VST Sound Instrument Set and Padshop Pro Extension. Both appear in the Software section with the correct E-Licenser ID and activation, but the download link is nowhere to be found.

Thanks for your help.

Four days and no reply either here or through the MySteinberg support form. Granted, it’s been New Year’s and all, but I really need to get to work here… There is no download link for Granular Symphonies on my account, only Cubase 8. Please help.


the content sets can be downloaded from here:

It is an open page accessible from -> Support -> Content and Accessories.

You don’t need to run anything for Padshop Pro: it is installed with Cubase Pro 8, the license will unlock the additional features.

Thank you, there support ticket was actually answered several days ago…

That’s what I hoped - but might come in handy in the future as you can download all of the Sound Instruments Sets and Loops from there.