Download VST Synthasizers content after pc crash(SOLVED)

hello ,
where can you re-download the content for VST Synthasizers loop set ? .I had a pc crash and had to do a complete re-install of everything . I still have the licence on my steinberg key but i cant find where to download the content . I have tried the ftp server and downloads section on the steinberg website but cant find them anywhere . I have also opened a ticket with steinberg but had no reply . Is it possible to just download the content or do i have to buy it again ?
cheers for your time !!

Steinberg just sent me a link to re-download the content so im very happy .I will be burning content on to a disc incase of another crash . im real glad i registered my software , or it could have been a real expensive crash .

…or just don’t buy Maxtor drives. :mrgreen: