DownloadAssisant failure

My computer died and I am reinstalling Dorico on my new computer. It runs correctly now, but it says “An essential component for playback has not been found. Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant …”
But when I try to open the download assistant I get this message: “login failed due to a time difference. Please synchronize your computer with the server and try again.”
But the time and date on my computer are correct.


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What does that mean, change your window???

You mean windows, the system??? The new one was installed yesterday and it works fine

Sorry but that does not help. Everything else on my computer works fine!

For heaven’s sake, don’t reinstall Windows. That’s awful advice.

A Google search returned this, not sure if it’s helpful. How to sync the clock manually on Windows 10 - Pureinfotech

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If you can’t get Steinberg Download Assistant working, Alan, you can download the HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds from our web site here:

Thanks Daniel! For some reason it now works. So Dorico is fine.

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