Downloaded Artist trial, but Elements has been installed!

I took advantage of the lockdown offer of Elements for two months, and liked it a lot. I decided to get it but opted to go one up for Artist because various features are excluded from Elements (e.g. audio warp).

I downloaded the Artist trial - and it WAS the Artist installer I got because is says so - but when went to enter the activation code Steinberg sent me, it says to license ‘Elements’. But I specifically want to see whether I can get to grips with the extra Artist features before I buy. If I can’t I shall save myself £200 and stick with Elements (with which I’m already familiar).

So what gives? To repeat it is Artist I want to trial. How do I do that?

Just downloading the installer isnˋt enough. You need an artist trial license and a USB eLicenser to activate it.

I KNOW! And I have en eLicenser and I have an activation code and entered this and was told the code had been down loaded!

This is all getting bizarre. Trying to get it all to work, I finally decided to enter the activation code I was sent and sort out the problem of Artist/Elements later. I already had an eLicenser from when years ago I bought Cubase 5.

Trial for Cubase 10.5 registered, due to end on July 18. But when I then launch Cubase (to try it out, the whole point of all this faffing around!) I’m told there is no code even though I was told a code had been downloaded and the software is registered on my eLicenser.
It shows up on the eLicenser, but not on the Steinberg website. I did - re-registered and updated records - but nothing helps.

I thought I hadn’t registered properly and re-entered the activation code, only to be told it was already registered and couldn’t be used (obviously ‘already registered by me!).

What is going on? This kind of simple operation should work seamlessly. It isn’t.

PS To show I thought and was assured I was installing Cubase Artist

When you launch which Cubase? The code you downloaded is an Elements license. If you launch Cubase Artist, then yes, it will not find a valid license, since yours is only an elements license.

For your own good you should never post any screenshots with visible serial numbers,always blur them out.

OK, didn’t think.