Downloaded C6 Trial - Precautions before proceeding?

My main goal is to NOT MESS UP MY CURRENT SX3 SET UP, on Cubase XP, which has been so stable for years I could build a house of cards on it. As background, to give you an idea of my technical (non-?)prowess, I don’t know how to do things like set up a separate partition, etc.

So I’m asking please for any advice on how to make this work without spending a lifetime troubleshooting because it doesn’t play nicely with my existing set up.

I use a Yamaha Motif keyboard synth:
a) Connected via USB MIDI
b) Cubase accesses the voices by using a .txt patchscript located in C>>Program Files>>Steinberg>>Cubase SX3>>Device maps.

What I’ve Done So Far

  1. I’ve backed up all the XP’s files (C, D, and E Drives, Desktop) to a portable hard drive.
  2. I’ve done a system restore point on the XP computer.

Stuff I wonder if I need to do something about before installing the free trial of C6?

  1. Do I need to “hide” a copy of my SX3 preferences from C6, so that if things mess up, or I decide not to purchase, I’ll be sure there is a copy of my SX3 preference file that has not been messed with by C6?
  2. Is it possible for C6 to use most/all of my preferences from SX3 … or do I have to rebuild preferences from scratch?
  3. Similar questions for my Motif Patchscript.
    [Edit: I looked just now and realized … I can’t find where SX3 stores “Preferences” - can’t locate the file/folder in XP - does anyone with SX3 on XP remember where that is?]

Stuff I should worry about, but don’t even know that I should, before installing the free trial of C6?
2. ??

Thanks guys. I remember becoming almost suicidal trying to hook up the Cubase VST to my Motif way back when. Admittedly, that was before I even knew what a “Control Panel” was, but the memory of the pain makes it seem like yesterday. I appreciate any good advice you might throw my way! :smiley:

(Except get a Mac!! :smiley: :smiley: )

Get a mac. Oops. :unamused:

I don’t know the answers to the XP specific questions, but I’ll answer what I do know.

Since you backed up all your important stuff the worst case scenario won’t be bad at all. The main thing would be to learn the file paths, as you mention. Those paths are listed in the knowledge base article called something like Troubleshooting [platform etc]

The installer will read the SX 3 prefs and load them into Cubase 6, and will not write anything to the SX 3 prefs directory.

It is designed to do so, but the process is not perfect. You can always let it do so, and if it doesn’t work properly, once you know the file paths though you can delete those C6 prefs, hide the SX 3 prefs from the installer by changing that folder’s name, and launching Cubase 6. Now, Cubase 6 will create a prefs folder woith defaults only and you can transfer what you need yourself.

Exploring those folders is a learning experience which once I had done gave me a lot more control and confidence for troubleshooting.

1.Get some HD image software
2.make an image of your system drive
3.Install C 6
4.In case of emergency restore the HD image

Norton Ghost OK?

You should check this topic out… :laughing: