Downloaded Cubase 12 to a different user account than the e-licenser and cannot activate

Having got a new PC I took advantage of the sale to upgrade to 12 and ditch the dongle. Unfortunately as I was downloading to a new PC, I didn’t realise I had two Steinberg user accounts and have unwittingly used the download code for Cubase 12 against the wrong user account - ie not the one which has the e-licenser registered to it. I’m nearly at the end of my 30 days and cannot activate the licence because I left for University after downloading 12 and thinking I didn’t need the E-liceser left it at home - so can’t access Cubase 11 either.

I’ve been waiting for Support to help me for over a week and my licence will stop working on 16th. I’m a music composition student and all my work is in Cubase, so starting to panic. I assume that I need them to reactivate the download code so I can use it against the same account as the e-licenser. But have I missed something I can do myself to rectify the problem. My plan was to get my Mum to activate the license on e-licenser on the pc at home which currently runs 11, once on the correct account. Can I transfer the e-licenser from one account to the other?

Otherwise any ideas how I get Support to come back to me - over a week seems a long time to wait.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The download has nothing to do with the license.

In the Steinberg Activation Manager use your eLCC credentials to log in and start Cubase 12 and activate your license, please.

Thanks for the reply

Just so I am clear - I need to open the Activation Manager and put in the same log in info as the E-Licenser, not the email account I used to download? Even though the e-licenser isn’t connected - or does my Mum need to do it on the PC which is connected to the e-licenser? We haven’t downloaded 12 on to that PC yet as we were waiting to get this resolved and I don’t need to use it yet.

To activate your Cubase 12 update/upgrade from a previous version, your USB-eLicenser dongle must be connected to your computer in order to verify that you have a license to update.

I’m not sure if the Steinberg Activation Manager cares about which account the eLicenser is registered to. You can ask your mom to try to sign-in to your new MySteinberg account (the one with the Cubase 12 license) and follow the steps above.

If that doesn’t work, you can delete the registration for your USB-eLicenser from your other MySteinberg account, then register it to your new account. Write down your serial number before doing this. Then, ask your mom to try again.

Thanks I’ll ask her to give that a try - not sure if Mum will need to download 12 first (?) But will get her try without. We couldn’t download 12 against the same account as the e-licenser as I’d already used the download access code, but she should be able to do it on the same user as before.

Only the Steinberg Activation Manager should be necessary. When she signs in, she should see a Cubase 12 license that says “Verification Pending” next to it.


Turns out she did try what you suggested first off and it just stayed on verification pending and it didn’t like her putting the activation code into the e-licenser - which is when she discovered there were two accounts.

Looks as though we’ll have to delete the registration of the USB to the old account and register it to the new one. Which seems a little scary tbh! Presumably everything stays on there as long as we have the serial number to put in.

The support database only seems to cover transferring licences between e-licensers, not e-licensers between accounts. Am I searching for the wrong thing or is it the same thing?

Please follow the steps from this article. Click the USB-eLicenser option:

Great. Thank you! I’ll give that a try.

Thank you for all your help. All done! Phew. I can keep on working now.

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