downloaded Cubase 8 upgrade --- activation code?

Hey, I recently downloaded the LE AL 8 upgrade but can’t find my activation code.

…Under My Steinberg / eLicensers…it’s only showing my older LE 5 activation code.

PLEASE someone help me out so I can activate and get rolling. Thanks!

Did you get an email with it listed?

Regards. :sunglasses:

Ok, thanks…yes I see the activation code.

So, when I copied and pasted the activation code when starting up cubase, it then opens up eLicenser and says “no license to upgrade found”

What should I do from here?

Did you upgrade from a version that used a soft license to one that requires a USB elicense on the dongle (it would have mentioned that fact somewhere on the page you purchased from and/or in the email)? If yes, and you don’t have the USB dongle you will need to purchase one. If yes, and you already have a USB dongle, make sure you downloaded and installed the latest USB license software. If no, I’m not sure what you need to do. Go to your MySteinberg account to see if you need to register it there first. Also suggest that you review the Steinberg website for knowledge base (KB) articles that explain the troubleshooting procedures. Or maybe someone else will chime in to assist. :wink:

Edit… I looked a bit further… You upgraded from an LE version so I believe you will need the USB elicense dongle. If you don’t have that then… it’s not going to work until you get one. Again, look at the website where you purchased your Cubase. If directly from the Steinberg site there is a notice listed and link to purchase.

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Sorry, it’s been a while, but just went through a house move…

Anyway, I got a new computer, got the USB eLicenser…Now, I am really confused — I am going in circles trying to get Cubase working. Again, I upgraded from 5 to 8 and after installing 8 it takes me to eLicenser control center and says “no license to upgrade selectable”. I must have all that I need, what do I need to do? I literally have a headache trying to figure this out. It must be something really simple that I am missing…how could this be such a pain? Please guide me to get this going. Thanks so much.

  1. Possibility: You bought the wrong update.
  2. Is your LE 5 License visible in the soft eLicenser section of te eLicenser control center software?

I figured it out…I punched in the activation code with the (-) instead of using a space and then figured it out from there. Kinda makes me wonder why they show the activation code for you to copy and include the dash in the middle, why not use a space…??? Anyway, thanks guys for the input. Finally I can get creative!

wait, do I have to leave the eLicenser in my USB port in order for Cubase 8 to work?

Also, is it ok to uninstall Cubase 5 now that I have the updated 8 version, or do I have to leave that installed in order for 8 to work?


You definitely need to keep the usb eLicenser plugged in for Cubase to work.

And yes,
You can delete CB 5 any time you want. If me, I would wait a bit just to make sure you can open any older projects and to ensure the new software is working.

Have fun. :wink:

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