Downloaded Dorico Pro trial but got Elements ... ?


The subject line says it - I downloaded the trial for Dorico Pro; the installer ends up in a folder called Dorico Pro 2 - Application Installer; but when I run the program, there’s no Engrave mode! I couldn’t figure out why until I looked in Help | About and saw that the product I’m running is Elements.



When you run the eLicenser Control Center application, what is the name of the license that shows up in there? It sounds as if somehow you had requested the Dorico Elements trial: if so, then you should be able to request the Dorico Pro trial by going back to this page and entering your email address into the first of the two email address boxes on the page.

That was it - I must have mistakenly asked for Elements. All sorted - thanks Daniel!

BTW Dorico is awesome so far. If I can figure out how to edit velocity in the piano roll, I’ll have everything I ever dreamed of…

Unfortunately you can’t yet edit velocity directly in Play mode, but that is definitely planned for the (hopefully near) future.