Downloaded installer for Cubase LE 7 is broken?

Dear member and steinberg,
I 'm just trying to install Cubase LE 7 with my Download access code which is bandled Zoom R8.
However, In spite of my over 10 time trial , downloaded Zip file was broken and I couldn’t complete installation so far.
I tried to ask support in JPN site, MySteinberg ,YAMAHA and ZOOM, but they just said “We can’t support Cubase LE 7”.
It was awful! Now I have nothing to do in JPN and I don’t know how and where I ask :cry:
Please kindly infom this to Steinberg to double check and replace to appropriate installer.
I hope someone help me. :cry:

I would suggest contacting your local Steinberg support through your MySteinberg account and they should be able to verify you and provide you with a download for the LE7 installer disc image.

Dear Mr. Chris Dobbs,
I would like to thank your swift reply.
I appriciate you infrom to my site.
Thank you and regrds,