Downloading an update.

Hello, I have purchased an interface a couple of months back. It came with Cubase elements LE 6. During the trial period I purchased the Cubase 7 update my new update status is showing active. Now my trial period has expired and I am having the hard time bringing up the 7 from the LE 6. I need a little help please.

Probably just LE 6.

What trial period? :confused:

What exactly did you purchase? What do you mean by “my new update status is showing active”?

Here’s where I really get lost.

I currently have Cubase LE 6 it came with my focusrite interface, the LE 6 must have been a demo. I purchased the update and now I don’t know how to activate my updated purchase witch is the elements 7.

Okay, that’s a little bit better.

So you never activated your LE 6?

Is your (I’m assuming “soft”) eLicenser registered in your MySteinberg account? Does it show any licenses?

Your LE 6 license needs to be active in the eLCC application in order for your Elements 7 upgrade license code to be accepted.

Thanks everything was valid. Now my next question is how do I retrieve the activation code for the Cubase 7 update? I believe that is the last thing I need before I can get started.

You should have gotten an email after purchasing the update to 7, containing the activation code.

I have an activation code but for some reason it doesn’t work. It keeps telling me that I don’t have anything to update it from. Does that mean I have to purchase the software by its self now? Can you help me retrieve a new activation code for the software?

Then you should return to Scab’s answer, cause if there’s mothing to update you obviously never acvtivated LE 6.