Downloading Artist 11 to second computer

I am trying to install Cubase 11 Artist on a second computer (laptop) which I am led to believe is possible.but it will not download .
1: it seems that the computer does not recognise the E Licenser control centre (says it is not the most up to date, but it is!)
2: the downloads stop and Download assistant status is “not responding” any ideas.
nb I upgraded from Elements 11.


Right, you can download Cubase Artist to other computer.

Just plug the USB-eLicenser in and you are ready to start Cubase Artist (once Cubase is installed).

Maybe try to don’t login in the Steinberg Download Assistant application, so you would get all Application available to download.

Thanks , Ive tried that and it has downloaded but it will not install, message reads: “An installation package for the product Steinberg Library Manager cannot be found. try the installation again using valid copy of the installation package Steinberg Cubase 11” which i have tried still same result. should i delete all the downloads and try again or am i missing something simple??


Please, don’t install Steinberg Library Manager, install Cubase.

Sorry to be a pain but how do I download Cubase without the Download Assistant automatically downloading? Where should I down load from? Thanks.