Downloading cubase AI 9 error

Hello everyone,
Today I bought my very first “home studio” equipment consisting of 2 yamaha hs5 studio monitors and a steinberg ur22mkII usb audio interface.I went ahead and registered my product on the online website and then started to download the file to install the cubase AI9 that came along with the purchase of the interface. The download was complete and when I tried to open the file with WINRAR I got this error: E:\Emulators and other software\cubase ai\ Unexpected end of archive. I tried opening the file with WINZIP as well and got this error instead: Cannot open It does not appear to be a valid archive. What could be causing this error and if anyone has every faced it before, can you propose a solution? Thank you!

EDIT: The download was interrupted midway so the file wasn’t complete, I downloaded it again and everything is working great now