Downloading Cubase LE

hi when i download cubase le 9.5 i get elements as a zip file tried twice cant see my licence working if its a different software ,any body throw light on the subject, regard terry

These 3 versions of Cubase use the same installer:

Cubase Elements, Cubase AI, Cubase LE

The version that will run depends on which license you have.

hi thank did see that .used cubase 5 for years le 9.5 cant find the device set up on this one which drop down menu is it

The Device menu and Device Setup have been renamed to Studio and Studio Setup respectively.

hi yes found that after my problem now is using my zoom r24 the vst audio system picks it up the driver , the control panel does not and the vst link does not ,the usb link is connected and knows so thats my next step regard on info giving

Download Link for Cubase LE and Wavelab LE is not visible for my account created through Download access code given.

I suspect Zoom needs to update their driver for R series like r24 - or a firmware upgrade for the R24.
I have just purchased R24 yesterday, did the download of LE 9.5 and update, no problems running software on MBP (10.13.5)
However, the R24 is not being recognised by the software. Zoom linked via usb cable, Audio Interface sample rate 44.1khz on display.
It doesn’t appear in the drop downs,
Adding Mackie control doesn’t work.
It did appear briefly once as a midi option, but has since disappeared.
On Mac pref, sound, down the bottom is the Zoom R16-24 icon, sample rate and driver info blanked out when preference expanded. Could this be the issue?
My only sound option is inbuilt audio.

Hi Everybody

I just got my Zoom R24 today, I seem to have the same problem with the Zoom R24 not showing in the Mackie Control window to select the unit to be used as a controller.

As an interface it works perfectly.
I am using Cubase LE 9.5 running Mac High Sierra.

Have anyone made progress?

No progress yet regarding zoom r24 and cubase le 9.5 and mac. I am going to make new topic and see what pops up. Hopefully someone who has had success can point us newbies in the right direction.

Hi all,

Just getting Zoom R 16 up and running with Cubase LE 9.5. Been quite the journey. Had issues downloading Cubase but thanks to some dedicated staff, I think it’s a go. Will stay in touch though cause it ain’t over yet. Wishing all a good journey.