Downloading Cubase Pro 10

Are there no other way to download Cubase pro 10? Using Steinberg Download Assistant is not a good experience for me and I am not sure I will use it again.

I have been trying to Download Cubase 10 pro for 2 days with no success while download keeps reporting error message after 100% file download it will start afresh after showing error message. I have wasted more than 80GB of data on failed downloads. Honestly not a good experience after buying Cubase Pro 10 together with USB eLi-censer and still unable to use it. Internet is costly in my country. 80GB of data is so much money I cannot spend on failed downloads. I am not happy. I need alternative solution. torrent or files in bits if possible.


There is a direct link, but you have to ask Steinberg Support to provide you the link.

Already tried that. They are not responding. Will Wait till I ask for refund.

Another option could be: Uninstall the Steinberg Download Assistant completely and re-install it without the option “Aria”. Downloads will then happen like usual downloads with the Web-Browser.

Aria enables support of multiple (and parallel ? ) download servers, which should improve download speed.

I had some occasions, where downloads were defect after having reached 100%. Using another PC with Steinberg Download Assistant (without Aria installed) made things work. Was not substantially slower.

LG, Juergi

Thanks @TSJuS. I will give this a try soon as possible.