Downloading Dorico SE

My choir director has tried to download Dorico SE a couple of times but tells me she has both times been asked for a “download access code” included in an email from Steinberg that she hasn’t received. I understand she has viewed Anthony’s video re downloading Dorico SE which seems to show no access code is required. I suspect that requirement applies today to only upgrading older software released before Steinberg’s new licensing system but wonder if that is correct. In any case, we will get together and I will try to help over the coming days. I’m not confident I have enough information today to ask for or get relevant advice but any surprises would be welcome! (I forgot to ask the director if she is downloading to a Windows or Mac machine).

Excuse the obvious question, but has she double-checked her Spam email folder? Or other mysterious email folders that are sometimes provided to hide emails from us?

Thanks, Lillie. No, I didn’t ask the choir director to check her Spam email folder. I had watched Anthony’s video (attached) before sending it to her and Anthony leaves the “Enter Your Download Access Code” space blank throughout and makes no reference to it, thereby leading me to believe that step must have been abandoned with Steinberg’s new licensing system. However, I just checked my email from Steinberg re updating to Dorico 5 and see that it did include a Download Access Code so my assumption was mistaken. Suggestion: it appears Anthony’s video on downloading and installing Dorico should include express reference to the required Download Access Code.