Downloading free trial

I have been following the development of Dorico with interest and anticipation. I was looking forward to be able to try it with the 30 day free trial. My problem is downloading it.
I am honestly not exaggerating when I say it is taking days. I live in rural Cornwall, so our broadband connection is not speedy, but it shouldn’t be taking this long.
I started, I think, last Friday. I downloaded the Download Assistant OK and started to download the program, and it has been downloading on and off since then, with a couple of failure notices, and shutting down the computer down at night. Last night I left it loading overnight, and all day today and it has still only loaded 6.45 GB. At this rate it might be complete by tomorrow evening.
Obviously it should not be taking so long. Have I missed something?

I’m really sorry the download is taking so long. At this rate you could come up to London on the train, visit our office, copy the installer onto a flash drive, have a nice cup of tea, and get back to Cornwall before your download completes. I’m sorry it’s taking such a long time.

I’m afraid I can’t give you a secret faster location than the one SDA is already using. Hang in there – hopefully you will find it worth the wait. And we are discussing how we can break the download up into smaller parts so that you can download Dorico itself (which is less than 300MB in size) separately from its sounds (though of course it can’t play back without its sounds), though this isn’t much use to you at the moment.

Download was without any problem on my Mac. This week I spent many hours mastering Dorico (going very well after initial irritation). I hope we get the opportunity to use a trial again when a next important update has been released (repeats, all baroque ornaments etc). I hope your work will be happily continued. I spent some 250 hours to make a new edition with keyboard music for Bärenreiter in MuseScore the last one and a half years. I think and hope the output in Dorico will be even better.

Thank you for your reply, Daniel. Things get worse - last night we had a four hour power cut, and this morning, trying to restart the download I keep getting a failure notice.
My wife is visiting family near London, and while I don’t think I could persuade her to take up your offer of a trip to your office, she would have a faster broadband connection. Would it be possible for her to download the trial to her laptop, and then transfer it to my desktop when she returns?

Yes, of course: you can use SDA to download the installer, then copy it from machine to the other later on.

Dear Daniel

My wife successfully downloaded the installer this morning in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile back in Cornwall, I have tried to continue, but now when I open the SDA I keep getting a failure notice. This may be as a result of the power cut we had shutting off the computer. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the SDA, but to no effect. I can progress no further. It doesn’t seem possible to wipe everything clean and start from scratch. Any ideas?

I think you might need to delete the folder containing the partially downloaded data, which should be in your Downloads folder.