Downsize Cubase Main Window for large monitors

now I am using a 43"-monitor for my studio-applications and I’ve bought this monitor instead of 3 smaller ones to split it into several parts for several applications at the same time. For this workflow it is necessary to downsize the main application-windows (usually with the button right on the top). With all other applications from all manufactures (included Steinbergs Dorico for example) this works. Specifically with Cubase I can downsize the project-window, but I cannot downsize the main-window (the whole application). The menu-line is always on the top of the screen, which is very impractical for large monitors, when you want to reservate the upper area for applications that you rarely have to look at!

Would it be possible to update Cubase in terms of it’s window-behaviour like all the other applications?

Best regards

Unfortunately your post has landed in the german forum.