Downtempo Space Electronica

Just finished up mixing a remix of a friend of mines track. Quite the radical change from the original which was beatless and more on the simple side. Please let me know what you all think! Always appreciate the feedback. Thanks a lot for listening!

Zefora - Sirens (DeeperNET’s 3D Vision RMX) -

Really nice man, I love it!
What synths did you use?

Thanks! Actually I didn’t use any synths in this track except the bassline, which is a Virus TI. Most sounds where created using her voice and FX processing. The end choppy synth sound was a simple one bar arpeggio audio stem processed to the extremes. The only MIDI that was programmed was the drums and bassline. :slight_smile:

Oh cool, I never tried that :smiley:

Cool :sunglasses:

Thanks :smiley: