Downtown Jam (Remix)

Downtown Jam Remix is ready for your pleasure:

Stream Downtown Jam by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Nice track, Stephane. I can’t recall what it might’ve been like before this remix, but it all sounded clear , well recorded, and nicely mixed. I liked the bass sound in the middle section. It sounded like a cool mix of a bass sound that might’ve come from an acoustic bass and a fretless electric-not clearly identifiable as either, but a cool meeting point between the two. I also heard something sounding a little like the “horn hits” we’d discussed on the last track you’d shared before this one. Were they there in your earlier mix? In any case, I think they worked well here.

Hi Stephane. I am trying to remember previous advice - maybe it was too much high frequencies? If so, this is better! It sounds great to me. I think you are getting close to releasing your album, looking forward to that!

The only thing I would point out is about the snare hits. There is a slap back delay on the snare, and some other percussion instruments, that to me, sounds too pronounced. Somehow makes it sound edgy, and digital. Maybe you want to turn it down a bit so the snare hits sound singular and clear. I hope this makes sense.

Hey John,
Thanks again for your inputs about clarity and production. It’s always important to me to have such feedbacks coming from other musician/environment. It helps me to trust mine…

Well, the bass is basically an Halion preset called Acoustic Bass VX and i leveraged the Note Expression. Good catch!
Regarding the horns, yes, it’s almost the same. Not exactly as you can imagine, but fairly closed.

Happy you like the track, have a good day and thanks for your time again!

Thanks for the snare input, I’ve done another pass , lowering it as per your suggestion. Don’t know if it’s enough for you, but it’s true that i had to review this. It was due to a ghosted tonal snare on some hits.
They are still 3 tracks to remix to close on OverLand. Hope i will be able to finish this summer…:slight_smile:

New Version here: (i’ve deleted the other one)
Stream Downtown Jam by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Great Stephco mix. I always compare the Bandcamp version and the new version to hear the difference, and it’s noticeably better now. Improved definition, clarity, space and dynamics.

Nice job!

Hey Rene, happy you 've enjoyed the remix. You gave me an idea. What i will do in the future is to still have the old versions available in my 1drive for comparison purposes.
Have a nice day.