Downward arpeggios point upwards

Hi there,
I’m not sure what happened but my downward arpeggios point upward and the arrow is not located at the bottom of the line. The problem still persists if I delete the notes and reenter it.
Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 18.36.30

I’m using Dorico pro 3.5

Any ideas?


Can you confirm what version of Bravura you’re running? I believe the most current is 1.39x.

FYI, I searched for “arpeggio down” and got some helpful results. The new forum search is much better.

Ah, just found out there was an update and now it is fixed. Thanks for the quick reply!

(I looked for “downward arpeggios” and didn’t find it, so next time I’ll search smarter :slight_smile: )

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I’m needing to fix this same issue. I see the Bravura font on Github, and I’ve downloaded the source file zip, which seems to be the only thing available. I’ve unzipped it, but the Win .iss installer is not working. Possibly because I’m still using Win7pro, can you believe! Dorico has always run fine on this system since day one, and yes, I will be upgrading the system soon. But, can I install the updated Bravura font on Win7?

You can indeed, but you shouldn’t use the installer: instead, simply download the .otf files from here, and install them in the usual way via the system Fonts folder (either using Windows Explorer or via the Fonts applet in Control Panel).

@dspreadbury Brilliant, thanks so much Daniel!