DP 'chunks'/sub projects

An incredibly useful feature for any media composers. A way to break up long video projects into smaller manageable chunks/sub projects whilst keeping instruments loaded in the background, so we don’t have to wait 5 minutes whilst loading up different cues, or spend 200+ euros on VEP.

I’ve been waiting for something like ‘chunks’ for many years.



You and me both! But I understand that reducing the functionality of the right click menu takes priority :wink:

I wish this feature was implemented.

Especially knowing that DORICO has his FLOWs which work exactly like this.

Cubase should implement flows like the ones in Dorico:

You can see how they work with video in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzehGY6AsYM

Wow. It’s like yer channeling me.

Chunks are da BOMB. If anyone here is a software developer, you can’t live without forked development. ‘History’ is completely inadequate for trying lots of different ideas.

But yeah, the loss of right click menus is devastating.

The ONLY thing I want more is… the ability to work on two -active- projects at a time.

+1 Chuncks would be an amazing feature for film composers



Count me in too!

DP leads the way with this one but now Dorico has paved the way for that kind of workflow in a Steinberg environment it would be priceless!


That’s a bump and a heavy feature request (I am even currently studying the possibility to switch to Digital Performer for this feature… and the better score reading)