DP2: Move or copy text block

Hi DP-Pros,

I created a textblock for a 2nd verse.
After having reduced the staff size (Spatiumsgröße), I get some empty pages (that’s logical), but the textblock appears at the end of the last empty page - see snippet :wink:

Question is: How can I move or copy this textblock under the end of the song?

Can anybody help?

p.s. I own DP3, but unfortunately there are probs with my MIDI-equipment (Yamaha Motif Rack XS) that haven’t been solved so far. Therefore I prefer using DP2 - there everything is fine.

You can move the page override using the Pages panel in Engrave mode to the new final page of your flow, which will then cause the remaining empty pages to disappear.

Where do I find page override?

Daniel, yours


p.s. I use DP, when I must use it. Sometimes I don’t have to use DP for a couple of weeks or months! Every time a new new DP version is issued, I watch all the videos you spread. That takes a lot of time - although I must admit that you have succeded in dividing the new features into different YOUTUBE videos.
And-some colleagues use terms I don’t understand…
So what about a German Forum or a complete German manual???

I know that I’ve posted the p.s. section at least 3 times before…

Ahem. There is now a full German manual for DP2.
https://steinberg.help/dorico_pro/v2/de/ for the online version and https://steinberg.help/dorico_pro/v2/de/Dorico_2_Benutzerhandbuch_de.pdf for the PDF.

Peter, see e.g. here (oder auf Deutsch hier… excuse my terrible attempt at German, it’s just a joke!).

Daniel, your German is excellent…

Thanks a lot, pianoleo and Daniel