DP3 freezes when loading files from DP2 with MIDI settings

It’s me again,

DP3 freezes whenI try to load files with MIDI playback settings (YAMAHA MOTIF RACK XS).

Drivers are correctly installed and DP2.x does the job!!

Please help


Please give more information to help us diagnose your problem. What exactly happens at what point? Can you zip up and attach one of the MIDI files that opens correctly in Dorico 2 but which causes Dorico 3 to freeze?

Is There Another Place_MID.zip (725 KB)

Peter, my dear friend, that’s a Dorico project, not a MIDI file, and it opens just fine. Can you please attach the MIDI file that freezes when you open it in Dorico 3? Thanks!

Dear Daniel,
are you a magician? I checked it just before and the file opens fine.

Don’t know what happened before.

If the problem occurs again, I will send you screenshots.

Thanks a lot


Hi Daniel,
it’s me again. The problem occurs on files that I have set to YAMAHA MOTIF RACK VST playback. DP3 shows it in the in the VST Instruments menu in playback mode, but either there is no sound or DP3 freezes as written above.
Do I have to configure the YMR or do I have to do something else?


If you create a new project in Dorico 3 and perform the same kind of configuration you would have performed in Dorico 2 to use the Motif VST instrument, do you get sound then? In other words, does the Motif VST instrument appear to be working at all in Dorico 3, or is it completely inoperable?

Either DP3 runs, but there is no sound or freezes (loaded it 3 times). There is no MIDI activity on the Yamaha.

If I drive DP3 down and restart it immediately, then it stops loading at “Audio engine connected: VST xxxxx”

So I must restart the computer - then DP3 loads normally.

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here.

Here it is.

I think you forgot to attach the file.

Or forget to zip it, so the forum just dropped the link.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (904 KB)

I believe it’s the audio engine that’s hanging rather than Dorico itself, which I say because the last entry in the application log before you end up force-quitting Dorico concerns it trying to restore state, and then the next time you run the program, it’s unable to start because it cannot connect to the audio engine, and that suggests the audio engine is hung up for some reason.

I will ask Ulf if he can take a look at these logs to see if he has any idea what might be going on.

The logs do suggest that the audio engine is hanging, but not crashing, because there are no crash dumps in the diagnostics.

Peter, when that happens, please open the Task Manager and have a look for the background process “VSTAudioEngine” in the list of processes.
Highlight it and then do a right click. From the pop up menu choose “Create dump file”. The corresponding dump attach here please.

Hi Ulf,

can’t do this. I get the message “File too large”.

Yours Peter

Peter - I think it’s possible that this could be actually caused by another issue. Please could you try the following - once you’ve got the problematic problem open and you can see the ‘YAMAHA MOTIF RACK VST’ in Play Mode, try closing the right panel by clicking on the ‘>’ arrow, or pressing Ctrl-9. Does Dorico become more responsive after that?

Sorry with the dump file, forgot about that, yes, those dumps are pretty large. Instead, please download Process Explorer from here: Process Explorer - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

That one can create so called mini dumps, which are much much smaller. The procedure is similar, highlight the process, right click and then choose ‘create mini dump’.

But only do, if Paul’s suggestion does not help.

Hi Paul,

I tried your suggestion, but DP3 doesn’t react at all.

THX for your help :wink:

OK, so please now follow Ulf’s procedure to produce a mini dump file using Process Explorer.