DP3 Playback Template Issue

Applying a Playback Template with 4 instances results in the instantiation of the original 4 instances and 9 additional ones of instance 4.

Here is the original VSTi setup which I saved with Save Endpoint Configuration:

Here is the Apply Playback Template dialog:

Here is the result:

I’m uploading Dorico Diagnostics in a new post. That zip file contains the project file and EndpointConfig folder.



Here is the Dorico Diagnostics zip.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.43 MB)

I believe Paul is on the tail of this problem: Dorico will not correctly “use up” multiple slots for the same instrument in a particular endpoint configuration, instead adding another one when it needs to allocate, say, the second trumpet, even if a second trumpet slot is provided in the first one. I’m sure we’ll be able to make some improvements in this area in the near future.