DPI scaling cubase 8 pro not working?

Hi Guys,

I have a 48" tv 4k rez. I am using 125% larger on the settings for windows, so it can scale up so things aren’t so tiny.

The issue is that cubase seems to not want to follow the scaling. All my tracks and text in cubase look small still.

I already checked if the “ignore scaling” is checked on the properties of Cubase, and it is checked off, so I know that isn’t the issue.

Any one have any ideas?


Dave I don’t have an answer for you but I am interested in your thoughts on the 48" 4k monitor setup if you have time to respond. I have two 28" inch 4K monitors that are about an arm’s length from me and at 4K the text overall is too small to be comfortable for any length of time. I have had to back off to 2560 X 1440. With the two monitors at this resolution it does work well but I’d like to replace them with one large 4K monitor.

Questions: What make of monitor do you have, what video card
Overall is the 48" monitor large enough that the small details are easily grabbed with a mouse and seen with
the eye?
Do you think a 55" @ 4k would be better for Cubase?

Hey Scotty,

I’ve been on it for a week now and I love it more than my 3 monitor setup. I get to see tons more data and can work a lot faster. I sit 4 feet roughly away from the screen and work almost strictly with MIDI and samples.

I went for a TV instead of a monitor (GREAT CHOICE if you have the right video card. Not sure if it’s great for gaming which I don’t do btw). The colors and boldness of the screen are amazing. I got the Samsung JU6700 48" curved TV and my card is a GTX 970

Things can be small, but luckily cubase has the little plus buttons to enlarge most stuff. Other stuff is still small, but I am really getting used to it and not even thinking of it anymore. Once you get into work mode it’s like your eyes just go go go.

I can’t speak for anything larger or smaller as far as screen size, but from reading around, 48 is a great size to not run into stretching of pixels or something like that. Sure a larger screen can work. Let’s take a 80" TV for example. There might be stretching of pixels. And to compensate, I’d have to sit further so I don’t see that. It’s just a personal thing where I like the pixel pitch to be of more quality and sharpness, and others say 48 " is the size to go with.

I think you would like to team work aspect to. A large screen like this makes for easy working with others. Imagine a friend coming over and doing some recording sessions - they get to see everything without having to sit super close to you and share a screen.

Thanks for the detailed response. I have a 55" curved Samsung TV that I want to test on my system. I still have the dual 4K monitors set to 2560 X 1440 so I have 5120 X 2880 available across the 2 monitors which is good but I am anxious to see a single screen solution and will borrow the TV to test. My wife won’t likely let me have it permanently… she is funny about those kinds of things. - Scotty

This might sound daft but have you thought about getting reading/computer glasses set up for the distance you work from the screens. I am shortsighted and my varifocals were a total pain. So I ordered some glasses set up for just over a meter. They also had a blue filter. The difference was astonishing. I can read everything and my eyes get a lot less tired. One of my best investments. They magnify slightly and the light looks quite a lot warmer/yellow.

@silhouette good suggestion. I might look into that

@Scotty_123 haha good luck!