DR-880 in Cubase 6 Artist

Hi all,

I’ve got this problem that imho can’t be hard to resolve 'cause the DR-880 is widelly used.
My DR-880 should be setup correctly (not so many options) as input and drums are on ch10, bass on ch2.
I’ve tried to create vst-tracks and midi-tracks with the right vst-instruments assigned to them, set the correct channels but no matter what I try, the drums are also send to my bass-track and vica versa. I’ve googled my fingers blue but still can’t find an answer.
Can someone please tell me what it is I’ve overlooked? My endless gratitude will be yours forever :wink: .
Oh yes, no difference between connecting with usb or midi.
Thanks in advance.


Hi again,

at last I 've found it in the maual: the Input Transformer! :blush:
Thanks anyway.