Drag a CD track (CD window)


when I try to drag a CD track in the CD window in order to change the order of tracks I get the message “CD tracks cannot be moved within a CD title group, please refer to the manual” (or similar, I get the message in german).
However, the manual doesn’t tell much about title groups. And, unfortunately, I can’t move CD tracks at all, even when there are as many groups as tracks or no groups at all.
How can I change the order of CD tracks in the CD window now?

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Gregor Hennig, Studio Nord Bremen

This happened to me the other day too. I was moving a few songs around via the CD Tab and after doing a few, I got this error message. I thought it might have been a very strange quirk but maybe it’s a more widespread bug that @PG1 can look into.

I had no CD Track Groups assigned but the error message referenced CD Track Groups.

I don’t do this procedure often and I ended up just using the Clips Tab to move the final song or two.

In this context, a “Track group” has nothing to see with the column CD Track Group.
When reordering a CD Track, certain CD tracks can’t be reordered. See the following extreme case:
The 1st and 2nd CD tracks can’t be exchanged. Yet, both of them (“as a group”), you be reordered with some other CD track (or group) before, or after.

FWIW, in my case each clip was a CD Track and there weren’t any cases where 1 clip makes up two CD tracks.

If I get the error again I’ll report it.

With the montage. But I bet this is a CD marker that overlaps a clip, near an edge.

Very likely.

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Gregor Hennig
Studio Nord Bremen

I think cd track re-order should be reprogrammed to deal with crossades. That’s what Soundblade did as i recall.

Wavelab is way better than it used to be because now at least it deals with splice markers, but it still needs to deal with crossfades. Because once you get one error message with a crossfade, you’re stuck trying to re-sequence the album and have to start over, resorting to some other less suitable method to do the job.

And you probably won’t use the function ever again.

Soundblade worked by remembering where all the CD markers overlapped the outgoing and incoming crossfaded clips and reproduced that exactly after a track is moved, leaving the cd markers exactly where they were, overlapping the outgoing and incoming clips, so the total album time would always be exactly as it was before the track re-order.

Yes you might need to adjust the crossfades after the moves but that’s to be expected. But the re-order should start off at this point with the total album time being exactly as it was before the re-sequence.

And as i recall Soundblade NEVER gave an error message saying you couldn’t do something or move something under any circumstances… Even getting one error message makes the function totally unusable and is death to the function because you have to start all over again using some other less capable method,


To elaborate, referring to that screenshot, even that should be able to be resequenced. ANY single cd track should be able to be moved to ANY other cd track position. Even if in the case of that screenshot a splice needs to be made in the clip at the cd track splice point by the resequence function that should be done. Many many many times what was a “group” is no longer a “group” after a resequence.

In this way it should work exactly like moving files in an iTunes playlist without limitation without being locked out of moving anything

However a split should not be made in clips that Crossfade. The entire Outgoing clip fade and incoming clip fade should be left as new overlaps In the new sequence.

Thats how Soundblade worked as i recall

It is not possible to compare WaveLab’s montage with iTunes playlist. On one hand, there is a (possibly) complex arrangement of clips (a song could be multiple clips, fades, FXs,) and on the other hand a single file list.

What you suggest, is to apply a reordering as one can perform on a simplified model (like iTunes), over a possibly complex montage. I don’t think this is achievable without WaveLab taking decisions for the user (if some clips need to be split, some new xfades to be done, some new pauses to be created). And I don’t think this would be a wise move because I don’t think a universal method is possible; new corner cases would still show up.

The fastest way now is to make new Montage from old Montage with plugins
and start fresh or not with markers/reorder etc
or render every file and drag and drop to new montage etc

regards S-EH