Drag a instrument pattern from groove agent to midi track messing up the drum loop

I created a midi track with Groove Agent SE instrument on it and dragged a drum pattern into the track. Then i played it. It don’t sound like the pattern i heard on the Groove Agent instrument pattern pad.

… I’ve tried this :

  1. Create New Project, Tempo 120, select Track tab
  2. Add MIDI Track and Load GASE
  3. Load “Break Me Down” and select “Pattern” tab
  4. Click to “C0 - Main1”
  5. Drag “C0 - Main1” to MIDI Track, rewind Position to 0 and start Transport
    → Everything sounds and play fine. What are you doing? Every small detail of your workflow is very import to reproduce your problem.


I dragged the drum pattern from this highlighted pad to the track

When dragged into the track, look the drum pattern went beyond 2 bar and it doesn’t sound like the drum beat I heard on the Groove Agent Pad. The pattern is messed up on the track when I play it.

Were you able to replicate this issue?
The 2 bar midi pattern from the GA plugin when dragged into the track is going more than 2 bar and it sounds very different than what you hear on the GA plugin.

Hi @tmat,

it’s has already been fixed. Next update.


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