Drag a notes with slurs selection: Only slurs move

When you drag a selection of notes of which the first note has been added a slur, only the slurs move. The slurs may look better in this version of Cubase (11) but the priority they get in handling selections is becoming a bit annoying

Do you mean the slurs don’t move? That, I can reproduce.

Well thanks for giving it your best shot and your advice. I made another video for you - I usually describe the reproduction scenario - but I thought this one was too easy not to mis, how foolish of me, sorry for that.
here you go:

Can’t really see what you’re doing, it doesn’t really look at all like what you described. The zoom is at a small size it seems, which might make it hard to click on the item you want.

the zoom is at 100% (the default - see video), i’m selecting notes. When a slur is above the note i cant select the note, only the slur - please have a look at the video. It started at Cubase 10.5. It is apretty annoying thing I must say

I also misunderstood and thought you were talking about the behavior pointed out by steve.

With the video it’s clearer.

You have 2 solutions:
1- zoom in before selecting the note

2- Use layers:
move slurs to another layer than that of notes. Then lock the layer containing the slurs before selecting your note.

Your video is very well made. Congrats!
I use two macros for zoom in and zoom out which I’ve assigned to “[” and “]” on my keyboard. You just need to select a note, then execute the “zoom in” macro.

Here’s a screenshot:
zoom macros.png
I hope this helps.