Drag a track into the mediabay


There where times when you could drag a track from the project, into the Mediabay in order to create a track preset.
What went wrong and why???

thanks :slight_smile:

Hasn’t anybody else noticed that?

I’m too new to know about that feature. Seems odd they’d take it away, it would be handy.

Any official response from the mods?

I hope that when Cubase 10 arrives, Steinberg’s forum, and general attitude will get a face-lift as well.
This is an embarrassing support forum.

Yes I noticed it, it was in one version, and was then removed. You could actually drag a variety of objects to the mediabay. I don’t remember what I heard about it.

On the other hand, this is a user to user forum, with some limited participation from SB staff (which I am not), and I would not characterize it as “embarrassing”

Refer to https://www.steinberg.net/forums/ucp.php?mode=terms

In this case, my apologies.
I thought it is the official Steinberg support forum.

Steinberg gives the feeling that they are not accessible and totally not attentive to they’re users.
And I say that a certified Steinberg trainer who’s using and promoting they’re software on a daily basis, for the last ten years.
I’m personally using Cubase for more then two decades, and I’m baffled buy this consistent bad policy.

Yes it’s true. it’s a hodge-podge of support types which depends on the country in which your account is registered.