Drag and Drop audio and video files from the desktop/explorer is not working. (Resolved)

When I try to drag an audio or a video file from a folder, for example, desktop folder, Nuendo cannot import it.

I have to manually import audio or video files to Nuendo.
Is it a bug?

If I’m not mistaken, even Cubase Elements can do it. Anyway, whether Cubase or Nuendo old versions can do it or not, isn’t Nuendo supposed to be able to do this simple task? Am I missing something?

it’s working fine for me. I remember though that it didn’t work if I run Nuendo as an administrator.

Oh, I will try that and let you know. Thank you so much for the informative response. :blue_heart:

yeah, if programs are run as separate\different users (admin\yourusername) drag’n’drop will not work, and also depends on permissions, if the folder is “read only” that might not work too, or some errors on the HDD with that particular folder then you might want to make scan disck.

But honestly I didn’t know you can dragndrop folders into Cubase. I don’t see dragging files as a big problem though cuz I use Total Commander.

Wow! That worked for me! Thank you so much!!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much. :heart_eyes:

Nope. Not working here on Mac. Drag and drop from Finder to project window only brings the file into the Pool, but does not place it in the project. It’s a bug surely.