Drag and drop filebrowser marker regions

hi, following is an excerpt from the manual about dragging and dropping marker regions from the file in the filebrowser. This section says on the right of the filebrowser you can see the marker regions that can be dragged into the montage, (assuming youve created marker regions) but I cant find the location on the right that show these marker regions.

Inserting Audio File Regions into Audio Montages Using Drag and Drop
If you have defined marker regions in an audio file, you can drag these regions from the File Browser window onto a track.
1. Select Tool Windows > File Browser.
2. In the File Browser window, select the audio file to which you want the clip to refer.

On the right side of the File Browser window, a list shows the markers of the selected file.

  1. Drag any region to the track.
    1. Select an insert option from the pop-up menu.
      A clip is created, named after the original file.

If you click on an audio file that contains markers, a popup appears… click on it.

great, that worked perfectly. Thanks for the insight PG… :slightly_smiling_face:

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