Drag and Drop FREEZED Audio

Yep !
I have another request (or complaint) :unamused:

Still regarding Drag and Drop :
As an Ableton Live user, I’m used to be allowd to Drag and Drop
any Freezed Audio directly onto an Audio Track, or into a Sampler or VSTi …

Could you implement this function in Future ‘Cubendo’ updates ?..

in 2011, I think Drag and Drop should be allowed ANYWHERE anytime !
it saves so much Time during Production !!

Thank’s :wink:

Drag and Drog. What great typo. Almost as good as the essay one of my students wrote on Sturm and Drag. :laughing:


I rectified the typo; the title originally said: Drag and Drog.


Spoilsport. :laughing:


This has been asked for many times.

really ?
But … it is sooooo Easy to implement !!

Just a matter of displaying a new folder in the pool called FREEZED AUDIO