Drag and Drop from Chord Pad to Chord Track

I updated from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 11 Pro a few weeks ago, so Chord Pads and Chord Tracks are new to me.

When I drag a chord from Chord Pad into a Chord Track track, it often sounds different to what I hear in the Chord Pad. E.g. I have a G#min7 in Chord Pad, and drag this to a Chord Track (which displays ‘G#min7’), though the chord in the Track doesn’t sound exactly the same - same notes so I know it’s a G#min7, but the voicing is different - the chord becomes inverted (?).

I can obviously change the voicing of the Chord Pad, but when I drag it onto a Chord Track, it doesn’t take the changed/new voicing. I’ve tried ‘Locking’ the Chord Pad, and toggling the Adaptive Voicings option in the Inspector, but these don’t make a difference.

I don’t think it has to do with a VST because I have the same issue with different VST’s.

Is there a way to replicate the exact sound (same note order, same octave) from the Chord Pad within the Chord Track… and can I do this by dragging from the Chord Pad and dropping on the Chord Track?

Thanks, I appreciate any assistance.

In case anyone’s interested:
Voicings within Chord Tracks can be change in the Info Line. Click on a chord in the Chord Track, the Info Line appears, and one of the options is ‘Voicings’. From there you can adjust the voicing. Although it’s not dragging from the Chord Pad, it’s the result I was looking for.

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