Drag and drop from GAO to audio track

I hope someone can help me out here. I am setting up all my favourite drum samples in Groove agent one, but i can not drag and drop samples from the presets in GAO onto an audio track.

I like several of the sounds in the various presets in GAO and would like to choose the best samples to make my own preset. Surely this can be done? but when i try to drag one sample from one preset onto my new preset nothing happens. And when i try to drag a sample from GAO onto an audio track i get the “forbidden” sign, mono and stereo tracks. Please help?

You need to look to the Exchange section of GA1. Drag and drop applies only to importing according to the manual.

I don’t see how the exchange function can let me drag files from Groove agent one and over to an audio track. Surely this must be possible?
The way i do this now is to find a sound i like in a GAO preset, i then have to find out what that sample is called and open the mediabay. Then from there i must transfer the sample to a new preset in GAO.
I am hoping that somebody can help with a simpler way to do this? I have read that other people have had no problems dragging samples from GAO onto a audiotrack and then back into GAO. I only get a “forbidden” sign when trying this.

The manual gives pretty detailed instructions re: GA1’s use. Why don’t you go through it and tell us where it goes wrong.