Drag and drop from mediabay creates duplicate in browser

Just became aware of a strange issue (or feature?). When using the right zone mediabay to create a sampler track, or to drag samples into the sampler track edit window, it creates a duplicate of the file or sample in the browser.
The duplicate does not show up in the main mediabay window and no duplicate is made when creating sampler tracks or dragging files from there.

I’m using Cubase Pro 11.0.41 b448 W10
Anyone else having this?



My guess is, you are scanning even the Project folder in the MediaBay Rack. Therefore once you drag and drop any audio file to the project, new file had been created (in the Cubase Projects/Your Project Folder/Audio folder) and this new file becomes visible (as a duplicate) in the MediaBay Rack.

Double check the path of both files, please.

Hi Martin and thanks for replying.

I’m not sure I understand the scanning part, but I’ll investigate.

I edited my post as I now see that this only happens when i right-click on a sample in the right zone, then select “create sampler track” or I drag a sample from the right zone into the sampler track editor.
And it only happens when dragging samples from the included librarys like Dancefloor techhouse or Blockbuster.

MediaBay regularly scans its content locations looking for new content. What @Martin.Jirsak is saying is that the file you initially found was located in a sound Library like Blockbuster. When you go to use that in a Project you don’t directly use the file in the Library, instead a local copy gets created in your Project Folder. This lets you modify the local copy however you like without messing up the original. So you are seeing 2 copies because there are 2 copies.

Ok, but I have been creating sampler tracks for along time like this without having the folders being filled up with copys. I havent made any changes to the mediabay regarding scanning and it doesn’t happen in the main(F5) window, only the right zone rack. And it only happens with the Cubase included librarys. So … I’m not convinced that this is not a recently introduced bug.


If you copy a file from the internal library, the audio file has to be always extracted. Because the internal library is not set of dedicated files. It’s kind of “zipped” into the *.vstsound file. So you cannot find the exact audio file on your hard drive. Therefore once you use the sample in your project, it always creates a file in the Audio sub-folder of your project.

If you import other sample, it might happens, Cubase doesn’t copy it to the YourProject/Audio/ sub-folder (it depends on the Cubase setup).

Could you attach a screenshot of the MediaBay Rack and the MediaBay window, please?


I’ll provide screenshots and maybe a little video of the phenomenon :slightly_smiling_face: