Drag and Drop From Mediabay ?

Hi Guys,

Let’s say, you’re browsing your samples inside Mediabay (wavs or aif) …
And you want to open one of them in Kontakt (or other VSTi) …

If you Drag and Drop it from the Mediabay, it doesn’t work ! … (why not ???)

You’d have to choose the option ‘reveal in Finder’,
then CLIC AGAIN to put Nuendo in Focus
AND THEN from there Drag and Drop it From the finder into Kontakt
(or any other VSTi) …

Which is (very) anoying … :confused:

@ Steinberg Team : Why can’t we just Drag and Drop Audio From the Mediabay, or the Arrange, or the Audio Bin INTO any VSTi that allows Drag and Drop From the Finder ?

PS : I know this is working with Halion 4


So why not with any VSTi ?

Thank You Steinberg !!!