Drag and drop from Nuendo into Dorico?

I’ve seen mention of dragging from Cubase into Dorico, is that also possible with Nuendo?

I did try it a few times and although the undo menu indicated every time that I’d pasted a file at position, something only appeared once - and Dorico crashed straight after (no crash dump unfortunately). Is there a knack to getting things to drop in properly?

Yes, in theory it should work just the same with Nuendo as it does with Dorico. You need to drag and drop onto the track where you want the music to be pasted in Play mode.

Thanks Daniel. I tested this out a bit more thoroughly and dragging from Nuendo into a new project with one track and one empty flow worked perfectly every time.

From the same Nuendo project into my original, quite busy, Dorico project (24 flows, 5 players) I couldn’t get anything to drag into an existing flow (even if that particular track was empty in that flow). Every time the busy wheel would come up, and that action appeared in the undo menu - but I couldn’t see anything actually appearing in that flow.

I tried opening an empty flow at the end, and I could drag into some tracks, and not others. I also got a few crashes when dragging the same thing into different tracks.

I realise that’s not massively helpful in diagnosing what’s going on…is there anything I could do to help you narrow it down?

I guess it would be helpful if you could send me your busy project, and a little screen recording showing where you’re trying to drop? You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Cheers, have just sent an email over.