Drag and Drop from timeline to MEDIA BAY

this would be awsome for any workflow (dialogue editing, foly, fx, music, samples).
working on cooking show right now, there is a good 2 sec of knife cutting onion, range select>drag and drop to my media bay fx folder>DONE.
You have a nice room tone on timeline, a good kick drum sample, anything, just drag and drop to your fx folder i media bay.
curent method is select locators, export to disk, rename file, paste to desired folder… just not convenient. i mean you can still do it…
So, for people who are creating their own sound fx librarys (a lot of us) it would be a miracle :slight_smile:
also it would be another punch to protool users


I agree that drag and drop to mediabay would be awesome! One thing to think is, where would you want it? A watch folder or a generals six folder with finished files?
When i create six libraries I tend to work in batches of sound recorded specifically for the library. a bounce/render to disk is fine in those cases.
A hint: if you want your sound in mediabay fast, just select your current working directory as a favorite and make an additional folder (ie. named New FX) in it. you can render to that folder and that allows you to move things around quickly.
But I agree a way to move things across folders within Mediabay (or Pool?) would be beneficial.

yes i have scanned all my folders in media bay, and they show up in media bay, and i use it all time. it works great.
but every time you add files to folders you need to rescann media bay folder so that new file would show up.
i mean there are “work arrounds” but drag and drop would be more elegant

you are right. maybe just implementing a watch folder would already be an advantage.

My condolences…

I think this is a good idea!

Seems that if there was a way to see visually the different folders we use we could drag onto that folder and MediaBay could copy the event/file to it and add it to the database. Of course with a complicated structure on disk that might get visually ‘busy’, but maybe that’d be one way of doing it. And instead of showing the folder ‘tree’ if there was an option to simply add a folder as a favorite and then have it sit permanently in the user interface of Media Bay so we could just drop onto that then that’d also solve the problem.

Either way good suggestion…

actualy we can see folder structure of disk in media bay, that is the point.

+1 for this idea! it will be very handy!