Drag and Drop Midi

That is good news that the generic Remote is being looked at. That would be a fantastic upgrade feature.

Started in safe-mode again,but this time deleted preferences. Same inability to drop midi files to exactly where I drag them to.Audio file drag and drop works great.Maybe Cubase can not do :thinking:this…

It can definitely do it, and does it by default too. You’re not running Cubase “As administrator” (On windows_ or anything are you? That’s the only time I’ve known drag and drop to misbehave.

What’s the name of a MIDI loop you’ve tried from the media bay? I’ll give the same loop a try just to confirm how it works for me. As I said above, it does happen when dragging Groove Agent patterns pads to the timeline, but that’s all.

Hello…thanks for your efforts on this anomaly .(Thanks Martin too.) I am not running Cubase as administrator.Midi loops from media bay work as you expect with snap deactivated.Audio files as well. But when you drag a midi file(not loops) into the project page,it always snaps -even with snap off.Thanks!

I’m getting the same results, so it’s integral to how Cubase works I’m afraid.

Tried all different options and key modifiers and couldn’t bypass the MIDI file snapping to the bar.
Think you’re stuck with it, not much help really, sorry.

Ok thank you. Seems that indeed it is designed to behave like this with midi files–and not a setting/preference that I have just overlooked. Not a huge deal to just drop a midi file in then drag it over to exactly where you intended it to be in the first place-- but now I am curious why this behavior is maybe intended for a reason.

I imagine that a very common use for midi files is to move an entire arrangement between daws. Therefore it’s more convenient for it to atomatically be placed so beat 1 of the SMF = beat 1 of a given measure in the daw.

Thanks Steve… I can see that that would be helpful when moving an entire arrangement between DAWs…but I rarely would do that. I drag and drop midi files ,especially Groove Agent patterns, into the project window countless times each session-and have to fiddle with moving it to where I wanted… I thought that simply turning snap off would mean no-snapping. This may be another small thing to look forward to when Cubase 12 is released…next month :sunglasses:

If you’re generating those snippets in Cubase, you could save them as midi loops, I suppose. I doubt very much this will change, especially since I’ve never seen another post about it!

Add the feature request tag if you want, and edit your OP so it’s nice and clear to a dev who happens to read it.