drag and drop possibilites

I’m a sound designer and I cut up long files for making my own custom sample libraries
I was wondering if it’s possible to be able to drag and drop audio events from he cubase project window straight into a finder window on OSX? at the moment I cut up samples, go to audio/advanced events to regions, them find in pool, select the audio then audio/ bounce selection it is long winded.
if I could just cut up the files and drag them as an export method that would be awesome. maybe this can be done and I’m missing a faster workflow???

on a side note talking of creating Kontakt libaries this is not really a Steinberg issue but I noticed unlike other DAWs if I load Kontakt open a new instrument I cannot drag directly from the daw audio tracks I have to import from a finder window which is a bit of pain because Kontakt hides behind the main window. I asked NI I about this they said it works in other DAWs but not in cubase and they are working on a solution.