Drag and Drop Sends and routing, how to?

At least that I’m wrong, all the sends and inserts in the mixer should be able to drag and drop, don’t? I passed the last hour trying to do this (copy sends in the mixer with the mouse) and/or find in the manual where it says how to do this…with no luck

I can drag and drop inserts, EQ, Strip, but not sends, the only way to copy is pressing CTRL+V and CTRL+C with the mouse over the sends, not a very useful way to do this.

And there’s no way to do drag/drog with the routing

Is there something wrong with my C7 ?

Hi, just tested , on mac osx 10.8.2 , Cubase 7.01.

For me, copying an effect send to another efffect send slot (drag and drop) just works.
So it should work for you too.
Then again, i am on mac …

I can also only drag the whole send slot… (Click n drag on the word"sends") not individual ones…

Could be an error in the Windows version.

Yeap, I can do that also, but sometimes I need to copy only a send for something like parallel compression :cry:

I tried to do that, but it appears to not work…
It would be useful… And the logic of everything on this new mixer is to drag and drop to copy or move, it should on sends too…