Drag and drop stopped working

Hello. Urgently ! Help!
Drag and drop stopped working. It is not possible to drag anything from external sources. Only works inside Cubase 13


Could give us an example, what exactly doesn’t work for you, please?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Suddenly disappeared. I can’t drag any sample from any folder on the disk. Before that everything was fine, I don’t know what happened. Is there a function to turn drag and drop on and off in the settings? …I have Windows 10…Cubase 13 with update
… SpectraLayers 10 - drag and drop works, everything is fine, but stopped working on Cubase 13


No, the is no settings like this.

So did you try to drag and drop an audio file from the File Explorer to Cubase? What file type, please?

The issue has been resolved. Something happened to the license after the last update. Updated again, everything was back in place. Thanks for support.

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Hi all. And again the same problem!!! Drag and drop files from external sources does not work again. The update doesn’t help. Do I need to uninstall all of Cubase 13???

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The same thing happened to me. this is really annoying… Not able to drag and drop from the filer explorer to GA5